Welcome to the HomeLab Document Library.

The good news is, most of these documents you don’t really need to worry about.  The HomeLab team take care of it all for you.

Documents in bold are the most important ones to you.

The Document Library is also in order of when you are likely to see these items. 

Letter of Eligibility

If you don’t have finance already this is one of the first documents you are going to need.

Lot Plans & Guidelines

Some of the first documents you are likely to see when looking for land in a new estate.

R-Codes & Compliance

We have you covered here, but if you would like to learn more click the button below.

Offer & Acceptance

This is the document that you will sign to purchase a piece of land or property.


A title is ‘attached’ to a piece of property or land and is required to transfer it between people.

Design Sketch

This will be the first drawing of your new home and the first you wili sign off on.

Base Specification

If you weren’t to spend another dollar, this lists what would be a part of your home.

Preliminary Contract

Think of this as the first ‘baby contract’ in your building journey.

Furniture Stencil

Download and print ‘at actual size’ on A4 transparent paper to overlay on your plans.

Site Survey

This is a detailed plan of your piece of land, also knows as a feature or contour survey.

Site Report

Soil type, bushfire requirements, wind and corrosion ratings are part of this report.

Working Drawings

The detailed set of drawings required to build your home and for you to obtain finance.

Energy Assessment

Your home is assessed and adjusted if required to meet the necessary energy requirements.

HIA Building Contract

The ‘big’ contract. Once this one is signed we apply for your formal finance approval.

CDC & Building Permit

Two of the final approvals we need in order to commence work on site.


Essentially a big list of all fixtures, finishes and selections you have made for your home.

Building Glossary

A handy little document we put together to help you understand some of those building words.

Handover Documents

At the conclusion of your build you will receive a handful of documents. Here are some of them.